The manufacturing process is the most important part to creating quality hockey sticks as the performances are influenced by a few production factors.

The Lay-up is the Gryphon performance ‘X’ factor. We do this differently, it is an art, it is a sixth sense based on years of experience and the knowledge of how to best achieve the desired result of power and a great crisp feel to allow that instant response from the players hands for exceptional ball control. This cannot be achieved using 100% of anything.

Factors influencing stick performances

Resin Matrix

This is the chemical structure that binds the different materials together.

Material Composition

This is what we call ‘Lay-up’ and defines how the materials are used and located on the stick.


The stick is created through the moulding process of high pressure and heat.

Sticks Shape

The stick’s shape covers desirable characteristics required by players to achieve specific skills with the ball and influences stiffness and feel and the stick..