In the game since 1983

Since its origin GRYPHON has been influential in the progression of stick manufacturing. ​Based on years of experience we create unique sticks lay-up, we design moulds and shapes in accordance with the evolution of the game, we develop gear to protect and enhance all players alike time on and off the field.

An Australian heritage

GRYPHON was founded and still has its headquarters in Perth, Western Australia. Fast-forward over 30 years and the brand is still pushing the limits in a dynamic global market, proudly displaying its Australian heritage.

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Our hockey equipment is intended for all players alike. From entry level to elite players we strive to provide premium quality equipment to enhance players performances.



Years of research and development have allowed us to get where we are now. GRYPHON was amongst the first brand to design and produce composite sticks and continues to innovate and make gear honest and true to the players needs.



Sharing a passion for hockey we all have the potential to inspire, help and lead the way for a brighter tomorrow. We strive to explore and carry out honest, ethical and sustainable actions through our communities, our products and operations.


Our People

We enjoy developing a community through connections and cultivating relationships in pursuit of enjoying the game of hockey. The connections we make in this journey are special and are to be treasured.


"We live by the ethos of curiosity, innovation, performance and functionality in everything we do."


GRYPHON standards are set by years of research, testing, innovation and refinement without settling for "nearly".